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Every day brings more content than the last, but the hours in our day remain the same. This relentless flood of information can overwhelm even the most dedicated news enthusiasts, making it challenging to stay informed without getting lost in the noise.
Today we’re launching Lavalamp with our first category: daily tech news. Join us in redefining how you stay up to date with the world. With Lavalamp, you’re just a click away from the pulse of the day. And we're just getting started.
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Multi-modal content

Dig deeper, learn s***

Our mission is simple.
Lower the barrier to consuming long-form content.
Carefully selected stories
Lavalamp surfaces top content from sites including Medium, Hacker News, Substack, and more.
Brief audio summaries
By condensing a vast ocean of information into a few minutes of engaging audio, you get to stay informed, stay ahead, and save time.
Catch up on the latest tech trends, innovations, and insights without sacrificing your precious time.
Use context to get up to speed without the legwork

In a world overflowing with information

Lavalamp is your go-to source for news.

We're not just any news aggregator

We're your personal news curator, transforming extensive articles from across the web into digestible audio clips.
With Lavalamp, you're always linked back to the original content, ensuring you have access to the full story whenever you want it.

Talk about it...

With context given on every article, never get caught short in a calm, civilized discussion in the comments again.

By us, for us.

We’re a team of chronically online Stanford CS grads that are always looking for ways to optimize the rapidly increasing amount of information that floods our brains.
We use Lavalamp daily to consume what we need and leave the rest. We said goodbye to spending hours each day scrolling through fifteen websites just to get up to speed. Now, you can too.